About Us

We are the First Agape A.M.E. Zion Church at Gibson Grove at 7700 Seven Locks Road in Bethesda, MD under the leadership of Rev Edgar S. Bankhead Sr. Pastor.

Our Pastor

Rev Edgar S. Bankhead Sr. is a native of Sunflower and Bolivar County, Mississippi, a former sharecropper and a migrant worker, who dedicated his life to serving God and people in need. A husband to Miss D. Judith Braye of East Arcadia, NC, and a father of three sons, Terry, Edgar Jr., and Stephen.

Our Mission

We honor the covenant of 1898 that Sarah Gibson made with the Lord by rebuilding Gibson Grove Church through worship, education, fellowship, and mending the breach from the community through outreach and inclusiveness.



The church building is more than 100 years old and held the second oldest congregation in the Cabin John community. It is named after Sarah Gibson, a former slave from Virginia who migrated to the area shortly after the Civil War. The Church is now a historic site. Learn more about Gibson Grove